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For Debbie Cokes, owner and one of the founders of RxCBD, it was, quite literally, a natural progression. Living in Colorado, and with a deep connection to the world of holistic health, alternative remedies, and cannabis therapeutics, shifting her focus to CBD when hemp became legal made perfect sense.

Tecun was two years old when he was picked up as a stray in San Antonio, Texas. The good-natured German Shepherd was stressed out, emaciated, and completely hairless. As so often happens with stray dogs who exhibit behavior or health problems, he was slated to be euthanized.

As part of its ongoing mission to aid pets and guardians, RxCBD develops holistic, natural products utilizing cannabidiol, or CBD, the therapeutic component of the hemp plant. But CEO Debbie Cokes says that it’s equally important to consider the welfare of all pets, especially those in shelters.

IHFR aims to increase the body of knowledge and raise public awareness of the many known and potential applications of industrial hemp to improve living standardscreate jobssafeguard the environment, and enhance the quality of life for all people

Your pet deserves PURE products and accurate, reliable dosing. When considering a new CBD product, check for the following...