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RxCBD and the International Hemp Research Foundation (IHRF)

What is IHRF?

IHFR aims to increase the body of knowledge and raise public awareness of the many known and potential applications of industrial hemp to improve living standardscreate jobssafeguard the environment, and enhance the quality of life for all people. The Industrial Hemp Research Foundation (IHRF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting hemp related academic research and public education at institutions of higher learning across America.

Who are they?

The Board and Staff Members all come from different backgrounds. We are researchers. We are lawyers. We are creatives. We are entrepreneurs. Our passions have always fell in line with the cannabis industry and want nothing more than to spread the undeniable truths of hemp across the world. We want to create change, promote and share incredible research, build a "hempire," and impact the communities surrounding us for a brighter future. Because hemp can.

How is RxCBD involved?

Owner and founder of RxCBD, Debbie Cokes, serves on the Board of IHRF.