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SENSI MAGAZINE : “Hemp Saves Pets’ Lives”

Published by Stephanie Wilson

As part of its ongoing mission to aid pets and guardians, RxCBD develops holistic, natural products utilizing cannabidiol, or CBD, the therapeutic component of the hemp plant. But CEO Debbie Cokes says that it’s equally important to consider the welfare of all pets, especially those in shelters.

The situation is improving. In 2015, Coloradoans adopted more than 100,000 dogs and cats. But more than 20,000 others weren’t as lucky. So RxCBD is partnering with the No Kill Colorado organization to increase adoption numbers. “Rescue organizations suggest that animals are more grounded and are able to show off their natural, confident self when taking CBD,” Cokes says. “This gives them a much better chance of finding a home.”

Look at it from the perspective of the animal: many are suddenly taken from their homes, which is traumatic enough, and then placed in a shelter, which can be an unfamiliar, often frightening situation. “The shelters we work with report many of their animals respond to CBD in a way that they have not seen with any other product, pharmaceutical, or over the counter,” Cokes says. “This
includes anxiety reduction and pain relief when needed.”

No Kill Colorado works exclusively to save healthy, treatable pets that enter the Colorado shelter system, and all activities relate in some way to the 11 life-saving programs and services of the No Kill Equation. It works with the Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Release program, low cost neutering and spaying, foster care and adoption programs, medical and behavior plans, and brings light to the issues involved in the adoption crisis and the special bonds that are forged between humans and
adopted pets.

As it has in the past, No Kill Colorado will be sponsoring a statewide adoption event on June 11 called Just One Day, says Davyd Smith of No Kill Colorado. “Just One Day is a national event where every animal welfare organization is asked to commit to not kill a single healthy treatable pet and use all their resources to have an adoption event.” See more details of this year’s event at NOKILLCOLORADO.ORG.

“The opportunity to use CBD products to lower the stress of homeless pets in shelters could result in higher rates of adoptions for cats and dogs,” says Smith. “Cats and dogs may not show their true colors in the stressful environment of a shelter. If CBD can lower that stress, it could help save more lives.”

Cokes says there are easy ways to help save rescue animals through No Kill Colorado. Simply go to RAZOO.COM/STORY/NO-KILL-COLORADO to make a one-time or recurring donation to the fund, or send checks or money orders to:

No Kill Colorado
PO Box 100613, Denver, CO 80250

“RxCBD is so excited to be teaming with No Kill Colorado,” says Cokes. “We want to support their amazing efforts on behalf of all the abandoned and homeless animals in Colorado.”

Sensi Magazine: “Hemp Saves Pets’ Lives” (original article)

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