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Our Final Sale is Our Biggest One!

It’s time to say goodbye to RxCBD. Any great thing that comes to an end can be a bit bittersweet and we totally get it. But, this “farewell” is actually a “hello”. We’re not disappearing, we’re simply introducing a new brand that we know you’ll love. We’ll tell you all about it next week so make sure to watch your inbox. 

But, before we close shop and invite you to our new world of pet products, we wanted to make sure you have everything you need. We love how much you love RxCBD products and are excited to announce our biggest sale yet. Stock up on your favorite products and enjoy 50% OFF site-wide until inventory runs out.

We’ve got Original Dog Treats, Big Dog Treats, Dog Extracts & Cat Extracts. These amazing products received incredible reviews from you and we know how much your buddies have gained from them. If you’ve never tried them before but always wondered, here are a few pet parent testimonials that might help you decide.

I don’t have a dog anymore, but what you’ve done for my 20 yrs and 9 months old cat is Real. His blood test came back in December that of a 6 year old. I recommend your Products to Everyone who has a dog or cat!
— Linda Gray

It has helped my old boy with his pain and mobility issues and has given us more precious time with him.
— Carolyn Curvin Burkhalte

Thank you for making such an amazing product! My sweet Gunner is 14 and his stiff hips don’t bother him as much anymore. He’s more limber and can stretch out without looking crunchy. I recommend your products to everyone with senior dogs 👍🏼
— Casey Robbins

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