Hemp for People

Hemp for People

Edibles, CBD oil liquid extracts, CBD topicals, and capsules for people. Shop now and find the right product for you.

Daily Health & Anxiety CBD Capsules

$65.95 Our unique, highly BIO-AVAILABLE CBD formula in convenient capsules for maximum efficacy.  These capsules are water-soluble therefore soluble in the digestive tract. This results in your body being able to absorb and utilize almost all of... Read moreRead more

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Face Serum, Anti-Aging

$45.95 This one-of-a-kind Face Serum offers anti-aging, moisturizing and healing properties. This lightweight serum readily soaks into your skin, leaving no greasy feeling. The olive, coconut and sunflower oils help build collagen, which leads to firming.... Read moreAdd to cart

First Aid Spray

$35.95 An Organic Blend of Herbs, Hemp Root & CBD.  Delivered in a Soothing Spray that Eases Pain & Helps with Swelling, Bruising, Rash & Bites. The highest quality medicinal herbs are used in our products.... Read moreAdd to cart

People Extract (500mg CBD)

$74.95 We infuse high quality, full spectrum, hemp CBD oil in a mixture of pure coconut oil (MCT) and sunflower oil.  The tincture is then flavored with organic peppermint oil and stevia extract.  This yields a... Read moreSelect options

Swedish Ginger Cookies

$5.95$114.95 A GLUTEN-FREE recipe passed down generations, perfected over time, has reached new possibilities… This spice-filled cookie no longer simply conjures up memories of moms’ kitchen…it offers natural relief for many health issues. Each cookie contains... Read moreSelect options

Vanilla Lip Balm

$9.95 Lightly flavored and packed with soothing shea butter and restorative CBD. All natural lip balm that provides lasting hydration. 30 mg CBD!   Ingredients Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter,... Read moreRead more

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