Big Dog Treats

    Sale! $139.95 $69.97 Our Big Dog Treats recipe is specially formulated with a higher CBD content per treat than our original recipe. You can feed your dog fewer treats than the original recipe. In addition to higher CBD,... Read moreSelect options

    Cat Extract

    Sale! $45.95 Extracts are a good alternative to the treats if your cat is a picky eater and doesn’t enjoy the treats. For best results, drip directly into cat’s mouth, under tongue or next to cheek and... Read moreAdd to basket

    Dog Extracts

    Sale! $21.47$39.97 RxCBD liquid drops for your best friends! Our broad spectrum whole-plant formulation is easily ingestible and very bio-available. Available in two strengths: for small-medium dogs and large dogs. Ingredients Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil from... Read moreSelect options

    Original Dog Treats

    Sale! $85.95 $42.97 OUR ORIGINAL RECIPE IS PERFECT FOR ALL DOGS! Each of these 1″ diameter crunchy treats pack in a powerful dose of healthy CBD. Chicken flavor pleases the most discriminating dog.  Gluten, wheat, soy, corn and... Read moreSelect options

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    People Extract (1,000mg CBD)

    Sale! $99.95 We infuse high quality, full spectrum, hemp CBD oil in a mixture of pure coconut oil (MCT). This extract is UNFLAVORED. RxCBD’s tinctures are clean and pure. No alcohol. No sugar. Non-GMO, 100% vegetarian and... Read moreAdd to basket