Why RxCBD?

Thousands of customers have already witnessed profound changes in themselves and their pets. Read WHY our exceptionally crafted RxCBD products could be the answer to solving you and your pet’s physical and emotional ailments:

  • Our products are uniquely formulated, backed by science, and made with love.
  • We’re pet owners, too! We love our pets and want them to be as happy and healthy as possible.
We don’t just care: we empathize.
  • We have defensible, data-driven processes for analysis and quality control, including full laboratory testing.
  • Veterinarians and holistic health practitioners across the country use our products.
  • We source from 100% organic hemp grown in Colorado.
  • We only use HEMP, not Marijuana. Our products do not make you high!
  • All of our pet products are made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients.
  • Our Customer Care team is always ready to help and eager to answer your questions.
  • Multitudes of customers have already witnessed profound changes in themselves and their pets.

Nothing is worse than seeing your best friend in pain or discomfort.
Our mission is to provide hope, one paw at a time, and we keep that mission at the forefront of everything we do. That’s why we created the highest-quality CBD products on the market that help with symptoms of everything from skin irritations to anxiety. Our products are made of 100% organic hemp to ensure that no impurities are passed to you or your pet, and they work quickly to ensure you and your pet feels better in a hurry.


Tralee is an entirely different dog! She's running and playing more, she's more alert, and she acts like she just generally feels better all over! Thank you for bringing hemp to pets!


You have pulled off a miracle for my dog. She is in her elder years and was listless and losing her appetite. Daily treats have returned her to her original happy self. She is also less stressed from thunder. Other natural remedies did not help. I tell every dog lover I know about your product.

Our range of products from extracts to treats are designed for all breeds of cats, dogs, horses, and humans. If you’re skeptical, 
try us out — we guarantee your pet will thank you, and we look forward to you becoming a RxCBD believer.



Share your thoughts, concerns and ideas. We will get back to you as soon as possible :)

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